Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Could Your Living Space Much better Without a Couch?

Do you have a family area where it seems impossible to place a sofa? Lately, it appears that even in large homes the conventional family room is getting smaller. Many of them are designed so that all four sides of the area have either an entry, hand-painted abstract canvas art, a window, a fireplace or a tv set making all options poor placement for a sofa. Open floor plans complicate things even more so that a sofa almost always has its back turned on something important.

In this living room, the uncommon combo of a daybed and two armless chairs face the other over a narrow coffee table. The particular daybed gives you room to lean back against an arm and extend your feet out to the fire. It also guarantees that whether there is another access to the room on that aspect or a window, the furniture won't have its back to it.

The square cocktail table flipped on the diagonal works well with these four luxuriously proportioned chairs. The side tables give you a great place to place lamps for flattering lighting without blocking anyone's view of the others sitting down there. One advantage this kind of grouping has over the sofa is that it is better to face the other than if you are seated side by aspect on a sofa.

I actually always think a room feels so unfriendly when you enter it and are confronted with the back again of a sofa. Here we see two daybeds located so the front door doesn't feel blocked. These types of daybeds are a great choice to get this small room feel very open up.

Okay, I’m sure this is not the family room of this beautiful home, but I actually think most people would have put a sofa against the wall under the art. This pair of elegant chaise lounges create a romantic and relaxing place for a couple to stretch out and enjoy the view.

This beautiful room foregoes the traditional couch in favor of a piano. I can imagine these homeowners enjoy many hours enjoying music and don't miss the sofa at all.

Looks like more than one person has decided that the abstract canvas painting is the approach to their space than a sofa.