Saturday, December 22, 2018

Notes for High-end Oil Painting Collection

First of all, Large Abstract Paintings, like people, are born with strong and weak foundation. Such as canvas under painting, raw material allocation, painting techniques and so on, have a great relationship with the life of the work. Professional artists often attach great importance to this issue, so the foundation of such Large Abstract Wall Art is very "strong". As holders of high-end oil painting works, we should have a deeper understanding of our collection, so as to correctly solve the maintenance problem.

Secondly, the best place for high-end Extra Large Black and White Art is to have access to natural light. If the oil painting is kept away from light for a long time, the color layer will be yellowed; if the oil painting is exposed to strong light for a long time, the picture will crack again. If your collection has been yellowing, darkening, cracking in the preservation process, it will have a great negative impact on the artistic value and economic value of the work, then you need professional help to solve the problem and recover the loss.

Moreover, the collection of high-end Big Abstract Painting requires certain temperature and humidity conditions. In the home environment, we had better put our works in the room with little change in temperature and humidity to prevent drastic changes in temperature and humidity. The most unsuitable place to store oil paintings at home is the kitchen, toilet, balcony, followed by the bedroom, so it seems that the best place to put oil paintings is hanging in the living room. Oil painting should be hung in a room with visible sunlight, but it can not be directly sunburned. When hanging, the top of the picture should be tilted forward to prevent the picture from carrying a large amount of ash. If the collection has accumulated dust, duster it with chicken feather duster or dry cloth, or blow it off with professional dust removal ball.

Experts said that the maintenance of high-end Large Abstract Wall Decor is not complicated, as long as attention is paid to the usual environment, there is no need to worry about the collection will have big problem, you can rest assured that collection, happy collection.